Date: Apr 2022
Venue: Online
Timings: TBD
Akashic Records Reading
Date: Apr/May 2022
Venue: Online
Timings: TBD
Intuitive Tarot
Date: Jun 2022
Venue: Online
Timings: TBD
Energy Healing (Reiki)

Reiki is ancient form of Japanese Energy Healing where we learn how to harness universal life force energy for the purpose of helping ourselves and others physically, emotionally and mentally.

Chandana learnt Reiki from one of the oldest Reiki teachers in the world and belongs to one of the most ancient Reiki lineages. As a result the form of energy healing taught by her is free from the commercialisation and dilution seen today.

All programmes and workshops are conducted online and include a combination of theory and practical. Post the workshops you become part of the Turquoise Living community of healers and get invited to exclusive events, mentoring circle and support group.

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Akashic Records Reading and Healing

Our Akashic Records are energetic records which contain the journey of our Soul, its past and future possibilities. These records can be tapped into, to gain information or wisdom that we need, to understand and heal any situation in our life. We can use it to connect with our Soul signature and experience an upliftment in our consciousness and energy.

The records are safe, intuitive and accessible by all individuals. This is a beautiful healing experience and an essential life skill which will help you strengthen your own direct connection with the universe.

The records reading course and subsequent healing course are all done either 1-1 or in small groups. Please contact us for more information.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Spirituality is the journey of discovering more of yourself and in the process awakening yourself to who you truly are. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you understand yourself and your subconscious mind and connect with the greater field of consciousness available to you. Spiritual Hypnotherapy is a wonderful course which helps students learn the essentials of spirituality and hypnotherapy to facilitate a powerful process of transformation for themselves and others.

This is a great programme for healers, therapists and counsellors who want to expand their skill set and awareness for the new age of self-development. It is also a great opportunity for individuals who are keen to learn more about themselves, the process of life and the functioning of the mind. Please contact us for more information.

Intuitive Heart Tarot

The Intuitive Heart Tarot is a beautiful divination tool that helps you connect with your own intuition and soul wisdom. It is a tool used to connect with your super-consciousness, that part of you that is divine. It helps us find the answers to some of the most profound and meaningful questions in our life. This course not only helps you tap into your own inner wisdom but it also provides you with the means to develop and strengthen your own intuition.

The workshops are taught 1-1 or in small groups. Please contact us for more information.

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