We all go through different phases and challenges in life. During these times, most of us need clarity and guidance to make sense of what is going on and how to move forward in a direction that’s right for us. We are looking for answers and clarity. Some of us may be stuck in repeated patterns or cycles and want fresh perspective and inspiration to overcome them. Others may be wondering on how to lead a life of greater potential and fulfil our purpose in this world. If you find yourself in a similar situation, an Energy Reading session through the Akashic Records may be just what you need.


The Akasha is the Universe’s internet where we can find the answers to some of life’s most pressing questions

The Akasha is an energy field from which everything is created and into which everything merges. It is around us and within us as the dimension of pure awareness and consciousness. It is what connects us to our Spirit, our higher self and everything else.

All of our life experiences, learnings and events can be understood and recalled by tapping into the Akasha. The Akashic Records, also known as the ‘Akashvani’ in Hinduism or the ‘Book of Life’ in Christianity and Judaism, are energetic records of the journey of our Soul – its different lifetimes, its path and purpose. Connecting to the Akasha is like connecting to your own Soul signature and experiencing who you are beyond your current identity and reality.

Whenever we feel stuck or lost, an energy reading session helps us re-connect to our higher self and remember who we are. It helps us gain fresh perspective and insight from the innate wisdom of our Soul and empowers us to handle our current life challenges. This is an extremely beautiful and unique experience.


Each Soul is here on a journey to evolve. Akashic records document this journey and help you connect with your own Soul signature. This can help you in the following areas in your life:


Understand the challenges that you’re facing and how to deal with them.

Understand the purpose of some events that have happened or are happening and find the clarity and perspective you need to move forward.

Understand the relationships in your life and the roles they serve.

Tap into your own inner potential and discover your own journey and life purpose.

Connect with your Soul signature, your inherent strengths and discover what you are truly capable of. This is a very empowering process and helps you feel energetically stronger and clearer.

"Connecting with your Akashic records is a very powerful and transformative experience as it helps you tap into the exact guidance and clarity that you need and also reminds you of your greatest potential."

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