Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a form of energy medicine sourced purely from flower essences. It is an alternative and complimentary therapy which can be used for emotional challenges and pain. It is completely safe and natural.

Bach flower remedies are based on the belief that we can cure ourselves by using small amounts of natural substances like plants and minerals to treat the body or mind. Instead of physical symptoms, Bach flower remedies work on the emotional root cause of our illnesses and challenges. It is safe for everyone including elderly, children, pets and plants.

It is a complimentary therapy and does not substitute or replace medical care.

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We also offer distance Energy Healing sessions for people looking to experience energy healing for their physical and emotional wellness. The session includes:

Energy Scanning & Diagnosis to help clients identify areas of energetic blocks in their body and in their life. These will be shared with the clients.
Distance Energy Healing focussing on the blockages and problems identified.
Guidance and tools to implement in your life to aid your transformation.
All sessions are done live online.
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Meditation and Energy work are very powerful self-help tools to help you find inner peace and clarity amidst the fast pace of life. Meditation helps us take charge of ourselves, transcend the constant chatter in our minds to finally establish inner silence and peace. Although it is increasingly becoming popular, a lot of us struggle to establish the discipline or focus to cultivate the practise of meditation. To help you start your journey on this path, you can sign up for 1-1 private or group meditation classes with Chandana.

Our meditation groups integrate different styles and schools of mindfulness and meditation including Yogic Breathwork, Visualisation, Hypnosis and Energy healing. Please contact us for more information.

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