I’ve been there
If you’re struggling with life and wondering if there is more to it, you’re not alone.
I was an investment banker in London
After graduating from Oxford University I landed my first job and created a very successful career. Life was rosy as most people would see it.
Life took a sudden turn
I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune condition. Along with that I had some challenging relationships and a growing feeling of discontentment. Everything that was meant to make me happy, did not. I struggled with pain and uncertainty for many years.
That started my journey of self-exploration
A series of losses early in life made me question who I was and what I truly wanted. I resigned from a successful career as a Vice President in a bank to pursue an inner quest for happiness and wellbeing. At that time few people understood my choices and decisions.
I realised and evolved
I travelled extensively to learn and train in different spiritual and healing modalities from some of the leading teachers and masters in the world. I was looking to find a missing piece of the puzzle and after an endless pursuit for THE ANSWER, I stopped looking. I realised that the root cause of most of our suffering was an inner disconnection with ourselves, our inability to accept who we are and be true to that.
I wish to share
My learnings and experiences to help people discover and empower themselves to lead a life of greater fulfilment.
The Universe talks to me
I believe we all carry a part of the Universe within us and that makes us all connected and whole. Through life, we are served with the opportunities that help us realise this. This is the focus of my work – to help people connect with themselves and discover that potential inside them.
My formula for success
All that we need, all that we seek, is already within us. If we know how to connect with this inner potential and state of being, we will create success in our lives, careers and relationships. It is inner mastery and success that creates a life of outer success and fulfilment.
Lets start this journey together

Chandana is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. Her main aim is to help people discover their own inner potential and strength to create a life that truly fulfils them. In her work she combines ancient eastern spirituality and healing, with western psychology.

Having graduated from Oxford University followed by a successful career as an investment banker in London, Chandana experienced early on the stress and emotional unrest that comes with a busy lifestyle. She noticed that everyone was in a constant pursuit of happiness, love and validation which often made them lonely, lost and disconnected from themselves. This affected people emotionally, mentally and physically resulting in chronic illnesses, repeating emotional and mental patterns and relationship challenges. Now more than ever people need to understand and connect with themselves to create a life that they truly want. Chandana’s work focusses on facilitating this journey for every individual.

Chandana spent a vast amount of time travelling to learn ancient healing techniques and western behavioural sciences from some of the leading masters and teachers in the world. She also teaches some of these healing practises and tools to the global community in an intuitive way. Her sessions and workshops have helped empower many people across the world.

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